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As the Caul and Caulbearers are intrinsically related to the philosophy called The Way, in order to truly have an understanding about the Caul a more in-depth understanding of The Way is necessary. Would you expect to know more about any subject without learning about the context and purpose of the subject in the first place? To any reasoning person, the answer would be 'Obviously not'.

Would you not expect to study related material and advance your understanding before assuming to know exactly what it is you do not yet know? To any reasoning person, the answer would be 'Obviously, yes'. Answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding the Caul are provided on the FAQ page

To find out more about The Way in general, visit theorderoftheway.org to learn more of the thinking behind the philosophy. You do this by your own choice, and if after reading the material provided you would like to make a comment or get in contact, please read the postings, contact and message guidelines carefully before doing so.

If you find that you do not agree with the main outlook of the philosophy as explained on the Order of The Way website, we thank you for visiting and would be grateful if you simply leave it at that and not make contact.


Beyond the information provided on our websites, no further explanation will be provided on the subject of the Caul unless the person actually does have their own Caul and becomes a member in good standing within the Order.

It is important to realise that it is not necessary to have a Caul to become a member of The Way, indeed most of our members are not born with a Caul. The subject of the Caul and Caulbearers, though closely linked to the philosophy, is just one particular facet of it. Otherwise it would serve little or no purpose to anyone outside of a limited number of people, as genuine Cauls are rare. Only an individual who has their Caul, clearly understands the philosophy that goes with it, and is in good standing within the wider Way membership, may be confirmed to be a Caulbearer. The title of Caulbearer is subject to perpetual copyright of Robert George Crosbie and the Brotherhood of Nazarenes, and can not be assigned to anyone outside of those parties.