This FAQ page has been provided to answer some commonly asked questions on the caul and Caulbearers, so that you can perhaps find what you are looking for before contacting us

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between being born with a true caul and being born "in a caul", or "en-caul"?
This is probably the question we are most frequently asked. As stated on the What is a caul? page of this website, a caul is a full face mask or membrane that covers the face of the child at birth. Being born en-caul i.e. born with the amnion (the birth sac) either fully or partially enclosing the newborn, is not a Caulbearer birth. You can see an example of a child being born en-caul in a picture on this website.
I have small pinhole marks in the lobes/rim of my ears. Does this mean that I am a Caulbearer?
No, there is no direct link between the caul and pinhole marks on the ears. If you happen to have such marks, which are quite common, it does not necessarily mean that you are or are not a Caulbearer, as some may coincidentally have such markings.
Are Caulbearers "psychic"?
As with any subject, it is important for the researcher to clearly and honestly consider what they mean by the use of words like "psychic", "sensitive", "aware" etc, as such words are commonly used in subjective ways that may only be based on an emotional need to feel special, without being able to explain why.

In the sense that all individuals have varying degrees of perception of reality, due to mental capacity or talent to do so, Caulbearers may possess an ability to understand things that are actually real but yet seemingly not so obvious to others who are not Caulbearers. This talent or insight of mind will often mean that the individual can have a somewhat unusual level of leaning or competence in a particular discipline or number of areas, such as in a trade or profession.

On the other hand, if the commonly held idea of being "a psychic" is used, then the actuality of the phenomenon becomes clouded by imagined powers or abilities. The caul is not about "power" in the sense of controlling people or things, but a gift bestowed on the Caulbeaerer that must be used in a positive manner, and not merely for self-serving and base ends. As with all humans, Caulbearers are subject to the laws of Cause and Effect; and even more so because of the heightened capacity to do harm should they use such ability for negative purpose. Caulbearers who have done such foolish and destructive things will invariably pay a high price, as abuse of a gift is an insult to the very force that gave it.