Copyright issues: Intellectual Property of site content

The title or office of Caulbearer is the sole intellectual property of the Brotherhood of Nazarenes

A number of websites and blogs have sprung up on the Internet in recent years, claiming to represent Caulbearers and provide information on the subject. For this reason it has proven necessary to clarify the exact position in relation to the legal context relating to the word and title of Caulbearer. The name, word, title or office of Caulbearer is the sole intellectual property of Robert George Crosbie and the Brotherhood of Nazarenes, a fraternity of Caulbearers and non-Caulbearers of like mind, known as followers of The Way.

The first public, copyrighted and printed publication to contain the word and title of Caulbearer was The Seven Signs, the Seven Seals and the Seven Veils, by Robert George Crosbie. The ISBN reference for this title is 0953820602. There are no references to the word Caulbearer in any known dictionary, publicly published book or other text material prior to this title being published. There are of course references to being born with a Caul or Veil, but not to the specific word Caulbearer.

The British Library Catalogue system reference number for this title is 010123855, with the National Bibliographic Number GBA338430. A link to the Legal Deposit reference in the British Library can be found here.

Any unauthorised use of the title of Caulbearer, or its plural form of Caulbearers, and any other copyright Nazarene title is therefore plagiarism (theft of intellectual property), and in breach of the intellectual property rights of the above author and the Brotherhood of Nazarenes, in whom these titles and works legally vest. The original Caulbearer website has been in existence since 1997, being last updated in 2001, as a further ongoing and intentional record of original establishment of title to such material. The original website link can be found here.

Any other website, body or publication claiming to be the official authority on the subject of Caulbearers, is therefore to be viewed in the context of the above information.

Reasonable use of information is permissible, as is the creation of links to this website, to the extent that the source material is correctly accredited and put into proper context. Gratuitous copying, redaction, alteration and misrepresentation of any Caulbearer related intellectual property, website material, including the title of Caulbearer, will be dealt with under the provisions of international copyright law. Any and all such illegal actions, if not immediately remedied by the perpetrator, upon notification, may result in recourse to civil and criminal prosecution proceedings, with recoupment of consequential legal costs and damages being sought from the offending party or parties.

Permission to reproduce any Caulbearer related material must be first sought from and officially approved in writing by the author and/or the Brotherhood of Nazarenes.